Play Android games on your TV via ZRRO, a touch-enabled and hover-enabled gaming console

ZRRO is bringing the entire touch-based Android gaming experience on TV

Probably, one of the reasons why Android-based gaming consoles remain unsuccessful is that most Android games are designed for devices with touch inputs. In other words, they don’t translate well to an awesome television experience.

Startup company ZRRO Ltd. has nonetheless come up with a more viable solution centered on designing and developing an Android-based console that features touch inputs.

Through the upcoming Android-based console ZRRO, the company intends to bring the entire touch-based gaming experience on TV.

At the heart of the console is the ZRRO Box that connects to a TV via an HDMI input. A 2.0 GHz quad core processor powers the box. Running under an Android operating system, the box also has a 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage, an expandable storage of up to 32GB via an SD card, and a video output of up to 4K.

The ZRRO Box also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as two additional USB 2.0 ports.

But the true selling proposition of the console revolves around its controller—the ZRRO Pad. Rather than using a mutual capacitance, the ZRRO Pad uses self-capacitance in its touch panel. This sensing technology crudely detects fingers further away from the touch panel while preventing multiple detection to prevent ghosting interference.

ZRRO is bringing the entire touch-based Android gaming experience on TV

Photo credit: ZRRO Ltd.

Thus, the touch panel tracks the position of fingers via hovering and mirrors them to the TV screen. This allows a seamless input-output connectivity between the user and ZRRO, and between the ZRRO and the TV. In addition, it allows users to keep their eyes and focus glued on the TV screen.

The touch panel also supports multi-touch and other gestures including tapping, pinching, swiping, and dragging among others. Furthermore, the ZRRO Pad has an embedded accelerometer and vibration feedback to complete the gaming experience.

Undeniably, ZRRO has a considerable advantage over other Android-based gaming consoles. With touch input, the console can work perfectly with every existing Android games without the need for software optimization or hardware reconfiguration.

However, the ZRRO is not only for gaming. It also transforms a regular TV set into a Smart TV. With the ZRRO box, users can watch Netflix, browse the web, or consume other Android-based apps and contents.

ZRRO Ltd. is currently running a Kickstarter project to raise funds to mass-produce its flagship device. The company expects to start its mass production by June 2015 with a tentative shipment date beginning October 2015.