Vessyl, the smart cup that recognizes and tracks everything you drink

Vessyl, the smart cup that recognizes and tracks everything you drink

With the exemption of water, whatever liquid you down has calories in it. Furthermore, if you are on a special diet, you should also consider the nutritional content of your beverage. Too much of something is bad. Too much of nothing is just as tough.

Vessyl is a smart cup that helps you monitor everything you drink. Designed and manufactured by startup consumer brand Mark One, the product is an attempt to capitalise on the emerging technological trend about smart and connected devices.

The product is a 13-ounce cup with built-in computer chips for recognising any beverage you pour into it, displaying its nutritional content, and monitoring your liquid intake by wirelessly sending collected data to your smartphone.

Central to the features of Vessyl is its capability to determine the amount calories in a particular beverage as well as monitor the amount of other specific nutritional contents such as fat, protein, caffeine, and sugar. This is helpful for people who are on a special diet that requires them to limit their intake of a particular nutritional component. Moreover, this is also useful for people who are taking liquid protein as part of their physical training. After all, Vessyl also assists users in improving the timing of their liquid intake.

Vessyl, the smart cup that recognizes and tracks everything you drink

Photo credit: Mark One

Another interesting feature of the smart cup is its ability to recognise a particular brand. Through built-in sensors, it can tell Coke from Pepsi. It can also tell the difference between product variants—such as Gatorade variants for example.

While the details of the sensors remain confidential, it works just like the sensors used in manufacturing and bottling companies for maintaining quality control.

Nonetheless, the key takeaway from using Vessyl is that it helps consumers to understand and control their drinking habits. After all, with the exemption of water, most beverages available in the market are loaded with too much of something with little nutritional value.

Vessyl is available at $119. Mark One, the designer and manufacturer of the product, is a startup consumer brand co-founded by Justin Lee and Yves Behar. It aims to introduce products that utilise smart technologies to help consumers make healthier choices.