Sesame replaces your door key with your phone and equips your door with a smart lock

Sesame equips your door with a smart lock and replaces your key with a phone

With Sesame, you’ll never have to worry about misplaced door keys or carrying one around all the time. This smart and simple lock solution replaces your door key with your phone and equips your door with a smart lock.

Sesame is both a device and an app. As a device, it attaches to an existing cylinder deadbolt door lock via a single strip of 3M Command tape. The five-patented self-adjusting design allows it to fit with just about any variants of the cylinder deadbolt lock. Accordingly, the device is optimised for locks in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Upon attaching the device, users can easily lock and unlock the door using the Sesame app installed in an Android or iOS smartphone or table device. The app also allows users to share access with family members or guests and provides real-time notifications and logs whenever someone locks or unlocks the door. This is helpful for monitoring exactly who is coming in and out of a property or room.

An optional Wi-Fi Access Point further expands the functionality of Sesame. Through an Internet access, users can easily monitor their properties whether they are in the office or in another country.

Sesame is a smart lock solution that works with your smartphone

Photo credit: Sesame/Candy House, Inc.

Sesame smart lock solution from Candy House, Inc

Photo credit: Sesame/Candy House, Inc.

There are also several ways to use the Sesame device without relying too much on the accompanying app. Users can program a custom knock pattern to lock or unlock the device. This custom knock is applicable either on the phone or on the door surface. A voice recognition technology also allows voice control for unlocking. In addition, for forgetful users, the device automatically locks upon closing the door.

Conventional physical keys still work, of course. Sesame even logs whether someone uses a key to enter a property. This also allows locking and unlocking the door just in case the device or the smartphone runs out of battery.

Sesame also uses military grade encryption technologies, particularly AES-256-GCM and TLS 1.2 encryptions, to prevent hacking and unauthorised access to the device. The device also lasts about 500 days on supplied CR123A lithium batteries. It prompts users via the app when the battery is low.

Currently, Sesame is in its commercial production phase. Candy House Inc. is the designer and manufacturer of the product. The company is a startup tech founded at Stanford University in 2014 by Taiwanese Jerming Gu and Korean Jongho Shin. Sesame is their first product. It is possible that they will further expand the functionalities of the product by adding face recognition technology or lock optimisation. Furthermore, the company is looking forward to designing and manufacturing more innovative products. More information about the device and the company are found in their official website.