Samsung also has an established presence in the fashion industry

Samsung Fashion: Samsung and the fashion industry

Samsung Group has been widely known for introducing an array of products ranging from home appliances and smart devices to networking peripherals and semiconductors. However, apart from its business interest in electronics and digital services, the South Korean multinational conglomerate also has an established presence in the fashion industry.

Under its affiliate Cheil Industries, specifically it trademark Samsung Fashion, Samsung Group has been producing and marketing textiles, casualwear, sportswear, and formalwear. It also has vested interest in established clothing and fashion brands. Furthermore, the conglomerate has maintained operations in critical fashion centers around the globe to include Milano, New York, Paris, Seoul, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

Beanpole and other brands under Samsung Fashion

Since 1989, Beanpole has been a top fashion brand in South Korea—producing apparels, accessories, sportswear, and outdoor equipment for men, women, and families. Central to its brand positioning is the fusion of traditional clothing with contemporary British fashion culture.

To compete with the growing local presence of global fast fashion retailers H&M, Uniqlo, and Zara, Cheil Industries launched its own Seoul based fast fashion label under the brand 8seconds in 2012. This special retailer of private-label apparel aims to quickly introduce latest fashion trends to mainstream consumers. It also carries a cheaper price tag compared to its major competitors.

Samsung Fashion also has vested interest in several luxury fashion brands. These include Italy based men’s fashion brand Galaxy and premium leather brand Colombo, Japanese fashion house Issey Miyake, and America classic casual brand Tory Burch among others.

The supply and value chain of Samsung Fashion

Samsung Group has an unbelievable wide portfolio of businesses across the globe. In a nutshell, the conglomerate does pretty much everything. This is true for their Samsung Fashion business.

Cheil Industries operates several textile factories in South Korea and China, thus supplying the necessary materials for producing end clothing products.

To further strengthen its fashion business, the conglomerate has built an expansive research and development arm.

Through the Samsung Fashion Institute for instance, brands are able to access market research and analytics about fashion trends, consumer behaviour, competition, and industry trends. Moreover, under the Samsung Design Net, the conglomerate pools together designers to provide fashion knowledge service. It also maintains an extensive database of reports, researches, data, images, and text files obtained by the Samsun Fashion Institute.