Rainbow Flag, From White House and celebrities to major brands

Rainbow Flag: From White House and celebrities to major brands

The support has been overwhelming. In the United States and other parts of the world, a rainbow appears to mark the victorious plight of the American LGBT Movement and the community. Love wins.

Following the U.S. Supreme Court historic ruling that legalises same-sex marriage across all states, effectively ending a long legal battle over the marriage rights of members of the LGBT community, government offices and agencies including the White House, celebrities, media organisations, and major brands have waved the Rainbow Flag to celebrate the momentous development in the contemporary American Civil Rights Movement.

Twitter and other social networking websites including Facebook and Instagram have been flooded with posts about the recent sociopolitical development. On Twitter, ecstatic supporters have generated over six million tweets with the hashtag #LoveWins just eight hours after SCOTUS announced the landmark decision.

The official Twitter account of the White House has updated its avatar into a rainbow-adorned vector of the White House facade. The account has since been posting other updates and resources related to the landmark SCOTUS ruling.

Rainbow Flag, From White House and celebrities to major brands

Can you identify the logos? From the White House and the New York City Government, to companies and brands, all have changed the avatar of their social media accounts to support the historic Supreme Court decision that legalises same-sex marriage across the United States.

But apart from government offices and institutions, celebrities have also voiced out their support and thrill through social media. On her Instagram account, Lady Gaga, one of the most influential advocates of the LGBT rights movement, said, “I have travelled the world watching the younger and older generation come together and fight. I feel privileged to have witnessed the LGBT community and supporters shift public consciousness.”

Harry Styles of One Direction has reiterated his pro-LGBT stance. Amidst persistent rumours that questioned his sexual preference, the member of the biggest boy band in the world has immediately twitted, “Huge day for America. Happy to see the news. All the love.” He also posted a rainbow flag on his Instagram account.

Rainbow Flag, From White House and celebrities to major brands

Major companies and brands to include Visa and Mentos, as well as the producers of Game of Thrones have rolled out adverts that carried pro-LGBT messages following the landmark Supreme Court ruling that upholds the constitutionality of same-sex marriage across the United States.

Perhaps, the most thrilling response came from companies and major brands. Internet companies have further fuelled the celebratory mood with their nifty tweaks. Facebook, for example, has rolled out a feature that allows users to put a rainbow filter over their Facebook profile photo in one click.

Twitter made a minor revamp to its website functionality. Every time a user tweet with #LoveWins, a heart-shaped rainbow-patterned emoji automatically appears alongside the hashtag.

Search giant Google added artwork with the colours of the rainbow flag on search results pages for phrases like “gay marriage” and “same-sex marriage.” The Google-owned video sharing website YouTube has also released a series of heart warming videos about the LGBT community and their stories.

From news and media websites BuzzFeed, Mashable and the Verge, to brands such as American Airlines, Vevo, and Uber, these companies have changed their social media avatars to images that carry the same symbolic Rainbow Flag of the LGBT community following the SCOTUS decision.

The celebration also transpires outside the Internet. Pro-LGBT companies have taken extra mile to celebrate and reiterate their support. Ben & Jerry’s has just rebranded one of its most popular ice cream varieties in honour of same-sex marriage.

Visa and MasterCard have rolled out ads that carried pro-LGBT messages alongside their marketing messages. From Kellogs and Mentos, to Uniqlo USA and Levi’s, these companies and brand have also disseminated adverts carrying messages about love and equality.

Nonetheless, for members of the LGBT community and their supporters, there is always a rainbow after the rain. Love wins.