Minimalist sportswear from Outdoor Voices

Sportswear should not only perform but also look good and fit well. But finding balance between technical design and casual styling in popular sportswear brands can be a challenge. Nonetheless, Outdoor Voices, a young clothing company based in New York, is redefining the way people suit up for sports and workouts.

“Outdoor Voices makes apparel for recreation,” said the company in their website. “We take it as a given that activewear must perform, but we see it as a virtue that our clothing also looks good and fit well.”

The line of apparel for men and women from Outdoor Voices features several technical and sports-focused design considerations, including quick-dry fabrics, flat-locked seams, and carefully placed pockets for gadgetries and other essentials.

Minimalist sportswear from Outdoor Voices, Men

But apart from the technical design, the overall design language gears toward subdued minimalism. There are no overbearing logos on sweatshirts and hoodies or intricate design patterns on jogging pants and leggings. Colour orientation is monotonous, leaning toward greys, earth tones, and subtle tones—or whatever that is not offending to the eye.

Simplicity is the defining characteristic of clothes and accessories from Outdoor Voices. Each item can be worn casually. Thus, apart from usability, items are also comfortable and attractive. Grabbing a cup of tea after morning run or catching up with friends over coffee before an afternoon workout will definitely not be a problem.

This integration between functionality and aesthetic seems to further cement the fact that “athleisure” trend is in. More consumers are buying sportswear as they immersed themselves more in physical activity.

Minimalist sportswear from Outdoor Voices, Women

“Our apparel is made for paths, streets, fields, and beaches—pursuits that are unlikely to attract primetime coverage,” said the company. “It’s simple, really: Doing things is better than not doing things, and we make clothing for exactly that purpose.”

The company is getting a lot of thumbs up from their growing consumer base.

A Facebook review from Stephanie Holmes mentioned, “The fabric is silk and amazing. The fit is flattering. I cannot get enough…encourages me to always be doing things.”

The full line of sports apparel from Outdoor Voices is made in Los Angeles, California. Online purchases can be made through their official website. Photo credit: Outdoor Voices