Study, Corrupt countries create dishonest citizens

Study: Corrupt countries create dishonest citizens

The prevalence of corruption and fraud in a country in a society affects the level of honesty and uprightness of its citizens. A study by behavioural economists Simon Gächter and Jonathan Schulz explored how the prevalence of rule violations across a society affects the intrinsic honesty of its individual members, thus creating dishonest citizens. Deception […]

Barbie You Can Be Anything ad campaign

Barbie ‘You Can Be Anything’ ad campaign

Imagination precedes innovation and Mattel, Inc. wants girls to grow up believing that they can be anything they want to be. Through the brilliant “You Can Be Anything” ad campaign, the American multinational toy manufacturer is using the Barbie brand to encourage girls to dream and believe in the power of their imaginations. Play encourages […]

MuCell Technology, Eco-friendly bottles from Unilever

MuCell Technology: Eco-friendly bottles from Unilever

Multinational consumer goods company Unilever has introduced in April 2014 a new process for producing eco-friendly bottles. In close collaboration with global packaging suppliers APLA and MuCell Extrusion, the company developed the MuCell Technology for Extrusion Blow Molding—a process for manufacturing bottles that contain 15 percent less plastic. MuCell is a portmanteau of microcellular plastic foam—a plastic […]

Bayer spread HIV AIDS through contaminated blood products

Bayer spread HIV/AIDS through contaminated blood products

In 1981, concern was growing about an unidentified disease associated with the collapse of the immune system and increased susceptibility to infectious diseases. Surveys from the United States revealed that the unknown disease was found mostly in homosexual men and users of intravenous drugs. However, in France, surveys revealed that the disease was found in […]

ISIS Economy, The revenue structure of the Islamic State

Funding ISIS: The economy of the Islamic State

The self-styled Islamic State is unlike any other Islamist extremists. Apart from being an established de facto state operating under the banner of a worldwide caliphate with a stronghold stretching over a thousand miles across Iraq and Syria, there is one advantage that makes the terrorist organisation a formidable force in the region: Access to […]

LG Electronics manufactures the most recyclable television sets

LG Electronics manufactures the most recyclable television sets

Outmoded electronic devices usually end up in landfills due to improper waste disposal and poor recyclability of their components. However, as corporate social responsibility becomes more of a norm, some companies have considered and integrated recyclability in their product lifecycle management to promote better recovery and reusability of specific parts and components. LG Electronics is […]

Electronics industry makes eradication of forced labor a high priority

Electronics industry makes eradication of forced labor a high priority

The Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition or EICC has made the eradication of forced labor a high priority, particularly by implementing its revised Code of Conduct that bolsters the protection of workers. The EICC is a nonprofit coalition of more than a hundred leading electronics company dedicated to supply chain responsibility. Some of its members include […]

Improving education systems in the Gulf and the Middle East through privatization

Improving education systems in the Gulf and the Middle East through privatisation

Data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics revealed that a considerable number of international students around the world came from the Middle East. Essentially, these individuals have decided to continue their academic pursuits abroad to access a particular level of standards and quality of education not readily available in their home countries. However, it is also worth […]

Samsung also has an established presence in the fashion industry

Samsung Fashion: Samsung and the fashion industry

Samsung Group has been widely known for introducing an array of products ranging from home appliances and smart devices to networking peripherals and semiconductors. However, apart from its business interest in electronics and digital services, the South Korean multinational conglomerate also has an established presence in the fashion industry. Under its affiliate Cheil Industries, specifically […]

Dunkin’ Donut is removing titanium dioxide from its food

Dunkin’ Donut removes titanium dioxide from its food

Responding to a request made by a nonprofit organisation, Dunkin’ Brands, the parent company of Dunkin’ Donuts, has decided to gradually stop using titanium dioxide—a food colouring agent used to further whiten and brighten its powdered sugar. Titanium dioxide is a controversial ingredient. Apart from food, it is also present in toothpaste, sunscreen, and paint. […]

4 instances Apple deviated from Steve Jobs

4 instances Apple deviated from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, despite his charismatic and endearing public image, was a stubborn and unyielding leader. During his leadership at Apple, he laid down several “tenets” that helped him differentiate his company from the rest. However, since his demise in 2011, the new leadership at Apple has rolled out policies and product strategies that deviated from […]

Google ends Google Glass

Why Google ended Google Glass?

Starting 2015 January, Google has stopped selling their Google Glass device and has pulled out remaining products sold over key distribution partners. The tech giant clarifies the device is a work-in-progress under the Google X program and its launch three years ago in April 2012 was an experiment undertaken to gauge consumer reception and overall marketability of similar smart […]

Intel and Oakley team up for smart glasses

Intel and Oakley team up for smart glasses

Chipmaker Intel Corporation and sports equipment manufacturer Oakley, Inc. are teaming up to produce smart glasses that will ship later this year. Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich and Oakley chief executive Colin Baden announced this collaboration during the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas on 6 January 2015. Although both executives did […]