Reasons for the success of the First Crusade

Reasons for the success of the First Crusade

The First Crusade was a successful military expedition aimed at reclaiming Jerusalem and other holy places in the Near East that fell under Muslim control. This expedition also signalled the beginning of a series of other crusades that transpired within the span of five centuries. As a backgrounder, during the Council of Piacenza in 1095, […]

Role of Pope Urban II in the First Crusade

Role of Pope Urban II in the First Crusade

The role of Pope Urban II in the First Crusade was essential and critical. In fact, as the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, he was primarily responsible for convincing and inspiring European Christians to take up arms to reclaim the Holy Land of Jerusalem from the Muslims. This also means that he was also responsible […]

Sapphire glass, Advantages and disadvantages

Sapphire glass: Advantages and disadvantages

Sapphire glass is an application of synthetic sapphire generally produced by subjecting aluminium oxide powder under extreme heat and pressure. Further heat treatment removes internal stresses before processing into thin sheets. The resulting output is a transparent material that is more durable than standard glass. Take note that a synthetic sapphire has the same physical […]

The business strategy of Google

The business strategy of Google

Google is undeniably one of the most influential companies in the world. This American multinational technology company has also been one of the prime shapers of the digital information age. It has introduced several innovations through its varied Internet-related and technology-related services and products that changed the way people use the web by promoting the […]

The four social responsibilities of a business

The four social responsibilities of a business

Social responsibility is an ethical framework that obliges every member of the society to act and behave in a manner that benefits the entirety. Even business organisations have a social responsibility. According to the socioeconomic model of corporate social responsibility, a business has a responsibility to promote and uphold the interest not only of its […]

How Dell shapes personalised pediatric cancer treatment

How Dell shapes precision pediatric cancer treatment

Dell Inc. has designed and implemented several corporate social responsibility programs centred on the use of technology to make positive social and environmental impacts. One of these programs focuses on pediatric cancer research. Necessity prompted the multination company to focus its attention on pediatric cancer. Accordingly, the small patient-base of pediatric cancer generates little attention […]

The failure of China’s The Great Leap Forward due to imperfect market

Why did the Great Leap Forward fail?

Spearheaded by Mao Zedong, the Chinese Communist Party uprooted the National Party in 1949. The removal of this longstanding rival in power marked the beginning of communism in China. Mao aspired to transform China from an agrarian economy to an industrialised and centrally planned economy. In doing so, the CCP promoted and upheld one of […]

HIV develops resistance from CRISPR genome editing

HIV develops resistance from CRISPR genome editing

It appears that the HIV can quickly develop resistance from CRISPR genome editing. A recent study by researchers Chen Liang et al reported that CRISPR/Cas9-derived mutations do not only inhibit the replication of HIV-1 but also accelerate viral escape. Several studies have earlier demonstrated the potential of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing to cure HIV infection. By programming the […]

How CRISPR genome editing could cure HIV

How CRISPR genome editing could cure HIV

The human immunodeficiency virus or HIV is a persistent retrovirus that causes AIDS. It is efficient and crafty. Once it inserts its DNA into the genome of its host cells—specifically CD4 helper T cells, macrophages, and dendritic cells—it can remain dormant and hidden. HIV can have a long incubation period. Furthermore, like any other retroviruses, […]

Kylie Minogue vs Kylie Jenner, Trademark battle

Kylie Minogue vs Kylie Jenner: Trademark battle

Will the real Kylie please stand up? Of course, both Minogue and Jenner are real Kylies and both have the right to use their names. But the problem centres on the fact that both are not ordinary individuals and that they are using their names for commercial purposes. Kylie Minogue is an accomplished Australian pop […]

ECHELON Program, Global surveillance network

ECHELON Program: Global surveillance network

The ECHELON has become a popular word used in media and popular culture to describe an alleged secret global surveillance network developed and operated by the American government along with the signatories of the UKUSA Agreement—a multilateral agreement for cooperation in signals intelligence between five countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and […]

Motivations for mergers and acquisitions

Reasons for mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions continue to shape local and international business landscapes. By definition, a merger involves two companies bringing together their respective businesses to become one. Acquisition, on the other hand, involves a takeover of another company either by purchasing a controlling interest or by purchasing its entire business operation and assets. Why companies pursue mergers and acquisitions? […]

What is quantitative easing

What is quantitative easing? Definition and application

In 2015, the European Central Bank has rolled out a bond-purchase program worth more than €1.1 trillion in its attempt to stimulate economies across the crisis-stricken European Union. This specific economic policy is called quantitative easing and, although technical in nature, the concept is rather simple despite its sophisticated-sounding name. By definition, quantitative easing is […]

Crowdsourcing in medical research, How public data is advancing medical science

Crowdsourcing in medical research: How public data is advancing medical science

Medical researchers are doing some of the most critical job in the world and they are committed to making breakthrough discoveries that could benefit everyone. Currently, through advancements in digital communication technology, the public can readily help them in advancing medical science. Participating in medical research usually requires traveling to a hospital or a research […]

Two competing models of corporate social responsibility

Two competing models of corporate social responsibility

Although external influences such as government regulations and public clamour have resulted in the popular acceptance of corporate social responsibility, it is important to remember that this initiative remains a decision made based on the prerogative of the management. To be specific, depending on the attitude of the management, the determined social responsibility of a […]

What is Social Entrepreneurship, Definition and discussion

What is Social Entrepreneurship: Definition and discussion

There has been no consensus on the definition of social entrepreneurship and there are continuing arguments over who counts as a social entrepreneur. This is inevitable for a concept that has been associated with different sorts of fields and disciplines. Some consider philanthropists and social activists as social entrepreneurs. Others limit the consideration within profit-oriented […]

From inferiority to deceitfulness: Understanding a know-it-all person

Know-it-all person: Dealing with one

Martin is an assertive and enthusiastic kind of guy. During collaborative works, he projects himself as someone who has the plan, the experienced, and the one in the know. He is essentially the type of employee whose presence is felt and whose absence leaves a mark. And this does not mean he is loved by […]

How does magnetic secure transmission or MST payment works?

How does magnetic secure transmission or MST payment works?

MST or magnetic secure transmission is a patented technology developed for equipping mobile phones with digitised payment capacity through traditional magnetic readers. It essentially and theoretically turns existing mag stripe-equipped point-of-sales terminals into contactless readers without any hardware modification. LoopPay, Inc. developed and introduced MST as a smartphone accessory. In 2015 however, Samsung Electronics acquired […]

Why Google changed its typeface logo

Why Google changed its typeface logo?

A lot of things are brewing inside the tech giant. For starters, the company has caught the tech and business world off-guard last month with the announcement of a corporate restructuring and the introduction of Alphabet—a holding company that would compartmentalise the various business ventures of the tech giant, with Google being a separate wholly-owned […]

Hedonic Adaptation Prevention model, A theory of happiness

Hedonic Adaptation Prevention model: A theory of happiness

Everyone wants to be happy but understanding what happiness really means can be tough. By definition, happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being determined by positive emotions or pleasant feelings ranging from intense joy to a strong sense of contentment or satisfaction. It is also important to take note of the fact that […]