HIV develops resistance from CRISPR genome editing

HIV develops resistance from CRISPR genome editing

It appears that the HIV can quickly develop resistance from CRISPR genome editing. A recent study by researchers Chen Liang et al reported that CRISPR/Cas9-derived mutations do not only inhibit the replication of HIV-1 but also accelerate viral escape. Several studies have earlier demonstrated the potential of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing to cure HIV infection. By programming the […]

How CRISPR genome editing could cure HIV

How CRISPR genome editing could cure HIV

The human immunodeficiency virus or HIV is a persistent retrovirus that causes AIDS. It is efficient and crafty. Once it inserts its DNA into the genome of its host cells—specifically CD4 helper T cells, macrophages, and dendritic cells—it can remain dormant and hidden. HIV can have a long incubation period. Furthermore, like any other retroviruses, […]

Motivations for mergers and acquisitions

Reasons for mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions continue to shape local and international business landscapes. By definition, a merger involves two companies bringing together their respective businesses to become one. Acquisition, on the other hand, involves a takeover of another company either by purchasing a controlling interest or by purchasing its entire business operation and assets. Why companies pursue mergers and acquisitions? […]

Crowdsourcing in medical research, How public data is advancing medical science

Crowdsourcing in medical research: How public data is advancing medical science

Medical researchers are doing some of the most critical job in the world and they are committed to making breakthrough discoveries that could benefit everyone. Currently, through advancements in digital communication technology, the public can readily help them in advancing medical science. Participating in medical research usually requires traveling to a hospital or a research […]

How does magnetic secure transmission or MST payment works?

How does magnetic secure transmission or MST payment works?

MST or magnetic secure transmission is a patented technology developed for equipping mobile phones with digitised payment capacity through traditional magnetic readers. It essentially and theoretically turns existing mag stripe-equipped point-of-sales terminals into contactless readers without any hardware modification. LoopPay, Inc. developed and introduced MST as a smartphone accessory. In 2015 however, Samsung Electronics acquired […]

Why Google changed its typeface logo

Why Google changed its typeface logo?

A lot of things are brewing inside the tech giant. For starters, the company has caught the tech and business world off-guard last month with the announcement of a corporate restructuring and the introduction of Alphabet—a holding company that would compartmentalise the various business ventures of the tech giant, with Google being a separate wholly-owned […]

Hedonic Adaptation Prevention model, A theory of happiness

Hedonic Adaptation Prevention model: A theory of happiness

Everyone wants to be happy but understanding what happiness really means can be tough. By definition, happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being determined by positive emotions or pleasant feelings ranging from intense joy to a strong sense of contentment or satisfaction. It is also important to take note of the fact that […]

Why ISIS promotes sexual abuse and slavery of women

Why ISIS promotes sexual abuse and slavery of women?

Snatched from their families, hundreds of women are lined up for inspection by armed men. They are analogous to commodities. Some end up as unwilling companions of young jihadists while others are sold as slaves. All of them are forced to give men sexual favours nonetheless. Liked priced possessions, the younger and prettier, the better. […]

Graduation program, Improving the lives of poor people and eradicating poverty

Graduation program: Improving the lives of the poor and eradicating poverty

A multipronged program that includes savings awareness, one-time asset transfer, skills training, life coaching, and healthcare assistance, among others could significantly help improve the lives of poor people and combat the prevalence of poverty. An extensive study conducted across three continents has validated the effectiveness of this particular anti-poverty initiative referred to as the Graduation […]

Implementing a contango strategy during global slumps in oil prices

Contango strategy during oil price slumps in the global market

While slumps in the global prices of oil might alarm oil companies and oil exporting countries, the situation brings forth opportunity for several traders and investors. They respond to these price slumps by purchasing and storing millions of oil barrels in large shipping vessels. This response is referred to as a contango strategy. By definition, […]

Dell is bringing education to underserved communities using solar-powered learning labs

Dell brings education to underserved communities using solar-powered learning labs

Lack of reliable, affordable access to electricity remains a key hurdle to providing technology access to students in many areas around the world. Technology and education are not luxuries but necessities according to Dell. To resolve this issue, the multinational computer company has brought technology-enabled education through an off-grid solution. Using portable solar-powered Learning Labs, Dell […]

Sweet distraction, Cocoa shortage confusion remains

Sweet distraction? Cocoa shortage confusion remains

Forget oil. Chocolate may have a bleak future as an alleged looming cocoa shortage by 2020 threatens the future of companies built around candies and confectionaries. A warning from two of world’s biggest chocolate makers, Barry Callebaut and Mars, Inc., has sent ripples of concern and anxiety across the globe, especially the media. However, several […]

Why major companies are venturing into space-based Internet

Why major companies are venturing into space-based Internet

The billion-dollar investment received by space transport services company SpaceX from Google and Fidelity demonstrates the increasing interest of companies to venture into space-based Internet service provision. Although smaller and mostly localised, companies or Internet Service Providers have since dominated the industry in different parts of the globe. Nonetheless, the move of several major companies stems […]