Review, Pros and cons of MacBook Air

Review: Pros and cons of owning a MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is a line of portable Macintosh computer from Apple. First introduced by Steve Jobs during the 2008 Macworld Conference, the product has undergone several hardware upgrades while still maintaining the infamous slim aluminium exterior. In terms of sales, this laptop remains one of the most popular ultraportable computers. It is iconic in terms of […]

Samsung Pay is better than Apple Pay, Android Pay

Mobile payments are getting a considerable traction since Apple launched Apple Pay in late 2014 and Google introduced Android Pay in September 2015. Both services are becoming popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. Large banks and major merchants in UK and US have expressed support for mobile payment services and consumers are […]

Pros and cons of owning a MacBook Pro with Retina

Pros and cons of owning a MacBook Pro with Retina

The MacBook Pro with Retina display is the third generation of the MacBook Pro line of portable Macintosh computers from Apple. First introduced during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference held in San Francisco, California in June 2012, the product has undergone several iterations while maintaining quality hardware specifications housed inside a slender chassis made of aluminium. […]

iPad Pro review pros and cons copy

12.9-in iPad Pro review: Advantages and disadvantages

Remember when Apple expressed reservations against laptop-tablet hybrids? Or the time when Steve Jobs ridiculed the use of stylus in tablet devices? Those were the days. People at the Cupertino-based tech company have certainly retracted their earlier resolves with the introduction of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro—a massive version of the iPad developed and designed for […]

Transformer Book T300 Chi review, Pros and Cons

Transformer Book T300 Chi review: Pros and cons

Asus has been manufacturing hybrid laptop devices for quite some time now. There is certainly a market for these devices and the company has introduced several variants of and iterations to the Transformer Book line of two-in-one Windows-powered hybrids. When Asus launched the Transformer Book T300 Chi during the 2015 International CES, the company declared, […]

Google OnHub review, Why you should or shouldn’t buy

Google OnHub review: Why you should or shouldn’t buy

Current routers look antiquated. There boxed design and sharp edges remind us of those times when cathode PC monitors and dial-up modems ruled our homes. Not to mention, most routers are horrible. Setting these devices or completing a simple task such as renaming your network of changing your password require a certain degree of computer […]

iPhone 6 Plus review, Why you should or shouldn’t buy

iPhone 6 Plus review: Why you should or shouldn’t buy

Apple has finally embraced the fact that bigger smartphones are here to stay and that there is a market for these phones with larger screen real estate. Remember when the late chief executive Steve Jobs ridiculed bigger phones back in 2010? The introduction of the iPhone 6 Plus in September 2014 nonetheless marks another deviation […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Review, Why you should or shouldn’t buy

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge review: Why you should or shouldn’t buy

Back in 2014, Samsung received several flacks and went downhill for introducing the Galaxy S5. It was forgettable to say the least. But the introduction of the new flagship under the Galaxy S series in April 2015 earned the company a lot of positive remarks. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 are remarkable because they […]

3 reasons why you shouldn’t buy those Beats headphones

3 reasons why you shouldn’t buy those Beats headphones

They are expensive. Of course, there are brands that are more expensive but Beats headphones are ridiculously overpriced and overhyped. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t buy or at least, reconsider buying a Beats headphone. 1. Beats are expensive for a plain and standard headphone A pair of Beats headphones is retailed between $100 […]

Advantages and disadvantages of liquid cooling

Liquid cooling or water cooling is an alternative to traditional air cooling. It involves circulating coolants across specific components of the personal computer to remove excess heat. Computers from established manufacturers such as HP and Lenovo are well-equipped with air cooling system specifically built for their particular hardware specifications. But tweaking an existing cooling system […]

Advantages and disadvantages of Mac OS X

Advantages and disadvantages of macOS

Windows remains the most popular and available operating system in the world. But macOS has been gaining a considerable traction. This Unix-based operating system developed exclusively for the Macintosh line of computers has become one of the hallmarks of the Apple brand. Apple loyalists would argue that their MacBook laptops or Mac desktop computers outcompete other […]

SSD, Advantages and disadvantages of solid-state drive

SSD: Advantages and disadvantages of solid-state drive

A solid-state drive or SSD is a storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory or interconnected flash memories to store data persistently even without power. Unlike a hard disk drive or HDD that uses rotating metal platters or disks with magnetic coating to store data, an SSD has no mechanical or movable parts. […]

HDD, Advantages and disadvantages of hard disk drives

HDD: Advantages and disadvantages of hard disk drive

A hard disk drive or a hard drive is a data storage device that uses magnetic recording to store and retrieve digital information. Unlike a solid-state drive or SDD that uses non-moving interconnected flash memories, a hard disk drive or HDD is essentially composed of a metal platter with magnetic coating. This coating stores the […]

Overclocking: Advantages and disadvantages

Tech enthusiasts and hobbyists have found an ingenious way to squeeze more juice from the processors or other hardware components of their computers or other portable devices such as smartphones. This process is called overclocking. Advantages of overclocking processors and other hardware components The primary reason why tech aficionados choose to overclock their hardware components […]

Advantages and disadvantages of IGZO display

IGZO display: Advantages and disadvantages

Commercial LCD panels incorporating IGZO display technology first appeared in 2012. The following years saw the emergence of televisions and other consumer electronic products such as smartphones and laptops featuring the same innovative display technology. What is IGZO? How is IGZO used in display technology? What are the advantages of IGZO display technology? Conclusion: IGZO […]

Advantages and disadvantages of TN display

Central to the technology behind twisted nematic or TN display panel is the use of nematic liquid crystal sandwiched between two plates of glass substrates coated with transparent indium-tin-oxide or ITO. This ITO surface are further coated with alignment layers that both rub in one direction. The rubbing orients the liquid crystal molecules parallel to […]

Advantages and disadvantages of alkaline battery

An alkaline battery is a type of a dry cell primary battery that employs the chemical reaction of zinc and magnesium oxide and uses an alkaline electrolyte of potassium hydroxide to generate electric current. It is currently the most popular type of disposable battery in the market. Common applications include small electronic devices such as […]

Advantages and disadvantages of lithium ion battery

Lithium ion battery or Li-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery in which lithium ions move from the anode to cathode during discharge, and from cathode to anode when charging. Below are the general advantages and disadvantages of lithium ion battery over other rechargeable batteries: General advantages of lithium ion battery General disadvantages of […]